The Situation

On 12/3/2018, the Pacific hockey team gathered for what they believed would be the normal end of season meeting.  Instead, they were told the hockey program was being cut from the University due to budget constraints. There would be no 2019 season.   An out pouring of support to reverse this decision from alumni and allies in support of the team has begun.   Click #JoinTheRoar to be kept up to date.

Why Should The Program Be Saved?

Simply put, cutting successful programs that benefit women is wrong.  Pacific field hockey is a winning program on and off the field that has consistently produced women who go on to lead in their careers and in their communities.  It has been doing this for over 40 years.  Pacific field hockey is not alone.  Fortune reported that 65% of the most powerful women played sports.

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Here's How You Can Help

Fund The 2019 Season


 We have a plan to ensure field hockey remains at Pacific.  If 9,000 people give $50, we will fund an elite club team ($450,000) for the 2019 season.   This allows us to retain coaches and fund some travel for the team.  Any money raised above that target will go towards our Donor Advised Fund (DAF) managed by the Community Foundation Of San Joaquin (CFOSJ) to endow the program. Click "Donate Online" to go to the CFOSJ site collecting donations on our behalf to Save Pacific Hockey. 

Donate Online

Reinstate the Program


 To reinstate the program officially, it must be fully endowed.  Our fund raising target to our Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with CFOSJ is $10 million.  Monies raised plus pledges can be matched by the Powell Match Program towards an endowment.   With the Powell Match, we will achieve a $20 million endowment!  Click "Pledge to Endow" to download the form.  You can also email us at: and will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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Other Ways You Can Help

Stay Up To Date

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If you are able to help fund-raise, provide other skilled services to reach our goals, or are in the media and interested in our story, click the button below and let us know how you'd like to work with us.


Tell Everyone

Our message is powerful, but we need your help to ensure it is spread far and wide.  Click the button below for which social handles to use and hashtags.  We have also provided templates for emails and social posts.

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Our Plan



There was little to no warning that the program was at risk of being cut.  Players, alumni, and allies plan to field a 2019 elite club team that will "pause" a full removal of field hockey and allow time for an endowment to be raised.



During the "Pause" period, our coalition will raise sufficient funds to reinstate the program.  This can occur via an endowment OR negotiate funding for field hockey based on endowments of other programs.



Securing the program is a combination of  working to add 2 NCAA Divisions I teams to California and additional increases to the endowment to budget for growth and cost increases.

Our Coalition

Players & Students


Players along with current students have rallied to protest this short sighted decision.  Cancelling a successful women's program both athletically and academically is against the mission of the Pacific & unfair to the women who represent Pacific so amazingly!

Alumni & parents


Alumni & parents are leading the charge to get the 2019 season back on the fall schedule.  We will then have 9 months to raise all funds needed to endow the program.  Join us to help fund-raise and spread our message.

Field Hockey Allies


Allies from across the field hockey community have come together.  Our sisters in competition in the West:  Stanford, CAL & UC Davis, The US Olympic Committee, the US Field Hockey Association, Club Associations and many others in support of women's sports

Contact Us

Volunteer or media requests

Reporters, email us if you'd like to report on our story.  Allies, email us if you can help fund-raise or have skills that will help our cause.  We'll find the best way to engage you in the effort. With your help we can do this!

Save Pacific Hockey