Charitable (501c3) Partnership

donation & pledge financial oversight

 We are so fortunate to have the support of the Community Foundation of San Joaquin (CFOSJ) in administering donations and pledges on behalf of the Save Pacific Hockey effort.  CFOSJ are a nonprofit (501c3) specializing in helping groups doing non-profit work in the community to raise tax deductible donations.   Our partnership with them allows us to raise endowment money independently of the University of the Pacific through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF).  Once our endowment goal is reached, we will work with the university administration to set up the endowment with Pacific directly.


Here's How You Can Help

Fund the 2019 Season


We have a plan to ensure field hockey remains at Pacific.  If 9,000 people give $50, we will fund an elite club team ($450,000) for the 2019 season.   This allows us to retain coaches and fund some travel for the team.  Any money raised above that target will go towards our Donor Advised Fund (DAF) to Secure The Program. Click "Donate Online" to go to the CFOSJ site collecting donations on our behalf to Save Pacific Hockey.

Donate Online

Secure The Program


To reinstate the program officially, it must be fully endowed.  Our fund raising target to our Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with CFOSJ is $10 million.  Monies raised plus pledges can be matched by the Powell Match Program towards an endowment.   With the Powell Match, we will achieve a $20 million endowment!  Click "Pledge to Endow" to download the form.  You can also email us at: and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Pledge to Endow

International Donations Welcome

We realize the tax-deductible designation may not help our friends and allies outside the US.  Please don't let that stop you from donating!  You can donate online or pledge towards the endowment.

Donate Online

Endowments Explained

What's an endowment?


 An endowment is any asset donated to and for the perpetual benefit of a non-profit institution. 

How does an endowment work?


 The donation is usually made with the requirement that the principal remain intact and money earned from investing the principal be used for a specific purpose. 

What is a typical Rate of Return?


 In 2017, the average return of endowments was 4.6% per the Chronicle of Higher Education

What does "fully Endowed" mean?


This means that the budget for the non-profit's activities is completely covered by the rate of return each year from the endowment.

How Much is Needed to "Fully Endow"?


The calculation is as follows:

Minimum budget = $900,000

Rate of Return = 4.5%

Endowment Size = $900,000 / 4.5%

= $20,000,000

How will you raise $20 Million?


Three major ways:

  1. Ally organizations have agreed to solicit their thousands of members to donate to Save Pacific Hockey. ($5M)
  2. Pledges and gifts to CFOSJ on behalf of Save Pacific Hockey ($5M)
  3. A Powell Match ($10M)

Pledge Form

Download this form to send checks or pledge a future donation toward the Pacific field hockey program.  Money will be held in a Donor Advised Fund by CFOSJ until our endowment target of $10 million is reached.

Save_Pacific_Hockey_Pledge (pdf)